Emergency Assistance

Medicare Travel Insurance

In the event of a medical emergency abroad, you must contact your Private Medical Insurance (PMI) provider using the contact details they provide in their policy. They will be responsible for handling your medical expenses claim until medical or repatriation costs exceed their policy limit.

If your costs exceed 50% of your PMI policy limit, you must contact us immediately on +44 (0) 1273 456 683. If you are not sure how to make a claim, or you have any questions you can contact us.

All other Travel Insurance covers

In the event of a medical emergency abroad you must contact AIG on +44 (0) 1273 456 683. AIG can help you with medical advice, payment of medical bills abroad and arrange for you to be brought home if this is medically necessary.

AIG will guarantee the fees of the hospital and attending doctor(s), so generally, you don’t pay for your costs and then claim them back from us. In cases where the expenses are small, you may opt to pay, or be asked to pay, and claim the money back. Please talk to our emergency assistance service, unless the case is very minor, and they will decide what to do.

Medical Treatment in Europe

Before you travel to Europe, you should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC replaces the E111 form. If you require medical treatment in Europe and use an EHIC, we will waive any policy excess that would apply to your medical expenses cover.

An EHIC entitles you to reduced-cost, or free, medical treatment that becomes necessary while you’re in a European Economic Area (EEA) country or in Switzerland.

The EEA consists of the European Union (EU) countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Switzerland applies the EHIC arrangements through an agreement with the EU.

Medical Treatment in Australia

Medicare is Australia’s equivalent of the National Health Service. Through Medicare, Australia operates a reciprocal health agreement with the Republic of Ireland which entitles you to limited subsidised health services for immediately necessary treatment while visiting Australia.

If you require medical treatment in Australia, you must meet any costs you can with Medicare. If you do not, we may reject your claim or reduce the amount we pay to you.

To access these benefits you should show your passport at hospitals or pharmacies.