About Laya Healthcare Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

What's your destination? Maybe it's the beach or perhaps it's the ski slopes. It could be a theme park or a jungle, a deluxe spa resort or a historic city.

How can Laya Healthcare travel insurance help me?

Sometimes things don't quite go to plan when we go away. You could need medical attention. Your wallet or purse could be stolen. You might have to cut your trip short or even cancel it before you go because of illness or a bereavement.

Most of the time, we enjoy incident-free holidays. But if something goes wrong, Laya Healthcare is there to look after you.

When our customers have injured themselves or become ill with food poisoning, allergic reactions or other illnesses while away, we've been there to help.

We've assisted with hospital practicalities, brought in translators when necessary and repatriated our customers back to Ireland if needed.

What kind of travel insurance do I need?

That depends on you and your travel plans. A single-trip policy might be best or, if you plan to go on a few trips in the next year, multi-trip travel cover may suit you better.

With either of those options, you can choose European or worldwide travel cover, and you can add in winter sports cover. And all our policies can be tailored for individuals, couples and families, or unrelated groups.

If you're going backpacking or travelling on business, we also have the right travel insurance for your needs.

Pick the best policy for you, then off you go! Have an amazing time on your trip and don't worry about things going wrong. Whatever happens, we'll look after you.

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