Worldwide Travel Insurance

Worldwide Travel Insurance

Wherever you roam around the world, you can be sure that Laya Healthcare will look after you.

Our worldwide travel insurance covers all territories including the US, Canada and the Caribbean apart from one cover exclusion in relation to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Crimea region of Ukraine and North Korea.

Please refer to the policy wording for full information.

If something goes wrong while you're away, we'll help you out. We have helped many customers who have fallen ill or been injured while on holiday or travelling with work. But that's not all. We're there if you lose your passport.


What do I need to know?

You can choose worldwide cover on either our single trip travel policy, our multi-trip annual travel policy, our business policy or our backpacker policy. With our annual policy, you can take as many trips as you like within the period of cover provided that none of the trips exceed 45 days duration.

Please note that each of your trips must begin and end in Ireland. If you are travelling on a one-way trip, cover ends 24 hours after you first leave immigration control in your final country or the period of cover end date as shown on your insurance schedule.

Am I covered for skiing?

Sure you are! Add winter sports cover to your policy and you can have fun in the snow to your heart's content for 17 days of the year. That includes skiing, snowboarding, outdoor ice-skating and tobogganing.