Holiday Travel Insurance


Most of the time when we go on holidays, we have a brilliant time and come home safe and sound, with souvenirs and photos to remember the fun we had.

Unfortunately, things can and do go wrong. Whatever happens while you're abroad, we'll look after you.

What is the right holiday insurance for me?

That all depends on your holiday plans! First, you need to decide if you want a single-trip policy or a multi-trip policy. If you think you might go away more than once in the next year, including any breaks of one night or more in Ireland provided you stay in pre-booked accommodation in Ireland, then the multi-trip policy will probably be better value.

Are you going to Europe or travelling to a more far-flung location? Pick a worldwide policy if you are going further afield. Don't forget to add winter sports cover if you're going skiing or snowboarding.

The best travel insurance for long-term travellers is our backpacker policy Insurance, which covers trips of up to 12 months.

How can I save money on holiday insurance?

The best way to get cheap holiday insurance is to buy what you need and no more. There's no point in paying for winter sports cover if you are going on a sun holiday or paying for worldwide travel insurance if you're not going to stray outside Europe.

If you already have health insurance, opt for our Medicare policy. It recognises that your private medical insurance covers many overseas medical expenses, so your premium is cheaper.