Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker Travel Insurance

For your big travel adventure, you need the best travel cover! Regular travel insurance policies cover trips of up to 30 days, which won't do when you want to take your time travelling round the world.

Our backpacker travel insurance is specially designed for you. This policy covers you for trips of up to 12 months.

Is this the right policy for me?

Yes, if you're going backpacking. Not only are you covered against cancellations, medical expenses, theft and other issues that might arise, we also go the extra mile to make sure we look after our backpacker customers.

We share free safety information and advice with you.

I'm hooked on adrenalin and love extreme sports. Will I be covered?

We know backpackers love to have adventures! With Laya Healthcare, you're covered for a wide variety of different sports and activities, although we do have to insist that you play it safe, follow all the instructions you get and wear the safety gear you're given. Not every activity is covered, so check the list in your policy documents.

Can anyone get a backpacker policy?

To avail of our backpacker travel insurance, you need to be between 18 and 44.